The creative spirit and the passion for design and technologiesconstitute the main value of Tonino Lamborghini brand. This symbol of the “Italian spirit” is the synonym of distinctiveness, luxury and uniqueness. Drawing inspiration from design, Lamborghini expands the very concept of luxury by way ofmanufacturing watches, sunglasses, perfumes, leather accessories and household goods.


Wallpapers by Roberto Cavalli are manufactured at the factory of Emiliana Parati in Italy by means of the most state-of-the-art technologies and under the guidance of one of the most famous designers in the whole world.

The factory manufactures vlieseline-based vinyl wallpapers, which opens up ample opportunities for creating sophisticated and inimitably unique designs. Here you will find a great variety of styles such as classic and original modernity, and a variety of smooth and relief patterns.


The Fashion House of Valentin Yudashkin is one of the leading Russian brands widely recognized all over Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic states and the countries of the South Caucasus. Since 1992, Valentin Yudashkin has been a member of the Parisian Haute CoutureAssociation with his standing customers and admirersin Europe, America, India and the Arab world.

The project “Wallpapers by Valentin Yudashkin” has appeared as the result of a joint project of V. Yudashkin, the Russian couturier,and Emiliana Parati, the world famousItalian factory. The collections have immediately received enthusiastic reviews of the customers.